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  • Self Assessment

    When can we help you?


    Growth is Causing Breakdowns

    You're scaling and now systems, processes, and people are breaking down over the wonderful new pressure of growth. We make everything work better so growth can be sustainable.


    Sales Effectiveness is Suffering

    Do you trust your CRM data? Do you know your win rate, average deal size, and days to close by sales rep? What is your time to ramp to quota? How do you prove sales readiness?


    Customer Happiness is Declining

    Do you know your customer churn rate before they leave? Do you know your time to delivery? Do you have a well documented delivery process? Do you know your failure points?


    Operations Software is Not Empowering Your Company

    Is your CRM data hygiene above 90%? Do you have contiguous data collection across the entire customer lifecycle from Sales to Delivery to Renewal? Is everyone "in-the-know" at all times?


    Company Culture is Suffering

    Are you losing more employees? Do you have a healthy Glassdoor score? Do employees have clearly defined roles and responsibilities? Is your on-boarding plan well documented and measurable?


    Executive Resource

    Do you get caught up in your own way of doing things and it is causing issues in your company? We all need a coach to hold us accountable and to help us to be more objective about our business. We support CEOs and founders.

  • driving value

    How do you know the value of our services?


    Simple 100% Guarantee

    If we don't produce the ROI that we agree on the front end, don't pay our invoice. Simple.


    Sales Leakage

    We'll help you calculate the gap between your current and ideal deal size, win rate, and days to close to come up with a metric.


    Customer Churn

    Is your churn rate above 3%? Our value is the gap between your current/ideal churn rate in relation to your average customer lifespan and your annual recurring revenue.


    Cost of Lost Employees

    How much does it cost you to hire, train and retain employees? It's more than you think. The average cost of a lost salesperson is over $1 million when you factor in lost pipeline productivity. If your attrition rate is over 25%, the value is obvious.


    Operational Friction

    Do you have centralized project management, customer relationship management, and automated quote to cash? No? Multiply your total payroll by 5-10% and that is the value of our services in increased operational efficiency.


    Common Operating Picture

    If you don't have trusted real-time data about your whole organization available to you, you're flying blind. If you can answer our 30-minute list of questions, you've gained the confidence that you're on track at no charge.

  • About You

    If you're one of these, we're for you.

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    CEOs & Founders

    Think of us as your COO-On-Call, there when you need us. We free you to drive your entrepreneurial vision while we execute operational excellence in your organization.

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    Tech StartUps in HyperGrowth

    We love small to medium-sized tech startups experiencing the challenges of hyper-growth and scale. You're trying to create a sustainable growth curve and feeling the pain of processes and systems falling short to support your people and your customers.

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    Mission-Driven Orgs

    Your organization is driven to make the world a better place than you found it...at scale. You need to activate community partnerships and build community technology platforms that produce measurably positive outcomes.

  • About Us

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    Our Experience

    After 30 years in the industry participating in and running 8 startups (mostly tech), we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. We have deep experience in revenue growth, operational scale, tech platform companies, and humanitarian organizations.

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    Our Approach

    Operational excellence is our mantra. We believe that companies are complex organisms that need careful nurturing to survive and thrive. The thoughtful balance of people, processes, and systems guides our work and measures our success.

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    Our Passion

    Our passion intersects with companies experiencing hypergrowth and the need to make it sustainable. We're focused on small to medium-sized start up tech companies, B-Corps, and any organization devoted to making the world a better place than they found it.

  • BOSS Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Giving Back

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    Nonprofits, Startup/Seed Stage B-Corps and more...

    I've spent the past 10 years working on big humanitarian issues from disaster relief to pandemic flu and from child welfare in Haiti to medical donations in Africa. Aside from building startups, my life passion is with improving the planet.


    As founder of Business Operating Systems LLC, I promise to devote at least 25% of my time a year to help nonprofits and startup/seed stage B-Corps to get off the ground, to scale, and to thrive. That offer also extends to mentoring companies in startup accelerators/incubators and university entrepreneurial programs.


    All you need to do is reach out and schedule a time. If the work requires one of my partners, I will negotiate a sliding scale or discounted rates for you but my time is free.


    It is my pleasure to give back to my community and to be a small part of making the world a better place than we found it.


    Ray Thompson, MBA

    Founder/CEO Business Operating Systems (BOSS) LLC

    CoFounder, Outdoor Data LLC

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